• Customised Login and Welcome pages to represent your brand and messaging.

  • COVID Vaccine status declarations.

  • All Inductees have personal logins to allow for easy tracking of their progress and control what Inductions they are presented with.

  • Automated expiry notifications via email when a contractors induction is about to expire.

  • Company PreQual – collect all the documents you need within the system and “Approve” companies that meet your standards.

  • Integrate with other HR, H&S and Visitor Management systems to level-up your current induction processes.

  • Add your own Induction and Training Courses. Load content such as Powerpoint, Word, Excel or PDF files, images, video and audio. There are no restrictions on the number of these that can be loaded.

  • A Multi-choice questionnaire can be added to the end of the presentation.

  • Email notifications to let you know when an inductee/contractor has completed an induction/course.

  • The Contractor Management page allows Contractor Companies to add their own employees or subcontractors - less admin for you.

  • Know the status of all your staff and contractors at any one time. Completion, Expiry and inactivity reports, induction history and staff profile details are all accessible online. Data can be exported to Excel.


           Made with ❤ by MOCA in the sunny Bay of Plenty

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